Residential Closings

Like all reliable structures, we at Neel, Robinson & Stafford, LLC proudly built our real estate practice on a cornerstone of professionalism. Other firms rush through files, taking the quantity versus quality approach to their business. We do not. Our mission statement is to provide quality closings based on our five keys of professional service:

Legal Competence

We are committed to a high standard of review of the title examination and loan package. Our files are triple checked for accuracy by paralegals and attorneys before the closing occurs. Any title issues, discrepancies with the loan terms or contract issues are resolved as soon as possible. This system ensures a smooth closing without needless and time consuming last minute corrections.


Keeping a timely schedule is our priority. We appreciate that everyone’s time is valuable, and sitting in a waiting room for long periods is frustrating. Unfortunately, however, delays are sometimes unavoidable. When your closing cannot start as scheduled, we will let you know immediately so you can decide if you need to wait or reschedule the transaction.

Responsible and Reliable

Transactional issues and concerns can occur before, during or after the closing. Our firm strives to be responsive to your concerns. We call you back sooner than later. We respond to your emails promptly. We keep track of your instructions and special requests, and we are committed to providing excellent customer service during all stages of the transaction.


We know that a successful closing is a team effort. All parties involved in the transaction, whether it’s the agent, the lender, the borrower, the buyer, the seller, or the attorney, contribute to the process. When conflict arises we are dedicated to finding a respectful and legally fair solution to address each party’s concerns. Our focus is to resolve issues efficiently and effectively.

Education and Technology

Our attorneys and staff participate in regular programs to keep our firm up to date on real estate legal issues and practices. We share this knowledge freely by providing regular “legal tips” to the real estate community. We also use the most current closing software which is compatible with lenders and realtors alike.

We come to our closing table with more than just a bowl of candy … but we have that too!