When a loved one dies in Georgia having owned probate assets, regardless of whether that person authored a valid Last Will and Testament, the individual’s estate will generally be “probated” in order to transfer property to desired or prescribed beneficiaries. A personal representative or co-representatives will file a Probate Petition with the local Probate Court, along with a copy of the decedent’s death certificate and the original Will, if one was executed.

The Probate Court will ultimately issue “Letters Testamentary” (for an estate administered in accordance with the terms of a Will) or “Letters of Administration” (for an estate administered without a Will, and thus pursuant to state intestacy statutes) that will allow the personal representative(s) to administer the estate. The administration of the estate involves the payment of final expenses, the identification and organization of all of the decedent’s probate assets, the distribution of those assets to the decedent’s beneficiaries and/or heirs, and ultimately the coordination with the decedent’s accountant of the filing of final tax returns for the decedent and, as appropriate, the decedent’s estate.

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