Commercial Real Estate

The daily goal of the firm’s Commercial Real Estate practice is to provide big firm level service at small firm prices. We can accomplish that goal by being knowledgeable and efficient in what we do. The firm’s commercial practice has evolved through the changing times in the real estate market. In this post recessionary period, our practice involves many types of commercial transactional work, much of which is incident to the high level of growth in the metro Atlanta and the Southeastern commercial real estate markets. The scope of our commercial practice encompasses many types of clients and most types of commercial property transactions. Client types include institutional investors, bank and private sellers, traditional and non-traditional lenders, private equity groups, office building and commercial landlords, and developers of commercial real estate. The transactions we close likewise are diverse. Recent examples of properties we have closed include office buildings, parking lots, commercial strip centers, land and developed lots, apartment complexes, townhome developments, condominium developments, and residential subdivisions. Our commercial real estate department handles office and retail leasing, and it includes the issuance of title insurance for commercial transactions.