Buyer Information Sheet

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    (if no, please provide mailing address below)
    (if no, please provide information below)
    (if yes, additional fees and/or approvals apply. Please contact our office immediately to discuss)
  • Closing will take place at:
    Neel, Robinson & Stafford, LLC (NRS Attorneys)
  • Complete the following section only if Buyer/Borrower is NOT an individual
    (if yes, please provide below information along with a full copy of the trust agreement
    (if yes, please provide a copy of the Corporate Documents, to include Operating Agreement/Signing Authority)
  • *You must obtain your Lender's approval for any "non-borrowing" buyer to appear on title
    1. We understand the title agent’s wire instruction will never change. 2. We understand a cyber-criminal may try to steal our monies through trickery. 3. We understand we are responsible for monies sent to the title/closing/settlement/escrow agent. 4. We understand we cannot trust emails or other forms of communication involving the movement of monies. 5. We understand we should pick up the phone and call the title agent, at a trusted phone number, if we are unsure or have questions.
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